Artist’s Statement

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I started creating at a young age and pursued art in college.  I found I was attracted to creating texture and applied this in painting, collage, and ceramics.  I also enjoyed using complimentary bright colors.

Making art feels instinctual and gives me immense satisfaction.  I look for the ideal image that can be re-created into a captivating painting, drawing, or collage.  My interpretation can look dreamlike and more interesting.  I want the viewer and myself to wonder about the moment, time, circumstances and setting.  I treasure nature and animals, which have been incorporated into most of my pieces.

I am always challenging myself by experimenting with new methods and styles.  In the past few years my work has evolved, using the concepts and techniques I enjoy most in collages, landscapes, and animal portraits.  Each piece is a complex puzzle.   I feel overwhelmed and think can I do this?  Yes!  I enjoy the challenge of putting the pieces together to make a final image that is unique, whole, and satisfying to the viewer’s eye.  I start with a sketch, followed by paint.  The feeling of paint sliding across the surface is delightful.  I enrich the texture, shadows, and sunlight. Complementary colors are used as an enhancer and many thin layers of paint are used for texture and a dreamy feel.  When I have mastered the puzzle I am happy and feel satisfied.